Becky Perlman


Becky Perlman grew up in Monticello, New York. She started playing violin at the age of 10 and continued to study music throughout her high school and college career. She graduated from SUNY Fredonia with a Bachelors of Music in Music Education in 2012 and is now pursuing a degree in Humanistic/Multicultural Education at SUNY New Paltz. She is currently an elementary orchestra teacher at North Main Elementary School in Monroe, NY.

Becky has performed as a violinist in the SUNY Fredonia College Symphony which had the honor of playing with cellist, Yo Yo Ma, in December 2011. During her years at SUNY Fredonia, she also played with the Improv. Collective and different college chamber ensembles, and sung in the University Chorus. Since then, she has played with the Greater Newburgh Symphony Orchestra, the Cornwall String Ensemble, the SUNY Orange Community Orchestra, the Delaware Valley Opera, the WJFF Messiah Community Sing, and various school musical pit orchestras throughout the Hudson Valley.

Becky first became interested in learning klezmer music during her college years at SUNY Fredonia. She sought out a clarinet professor, Amrom Chodos, to learn how to play klezmer. He directed her to start attending KlezKamp. She was surprised to find that KlezKamp took place in Kerhonkson, NY, which was basically her own backyard. Becky attended KlezKamp for the first time in 2011 and met Harry Sweet there. After that, she continued to learn Klezmer and Balkan music at various festivals (KlezKamp, KlezKanada, and GoldenFest).

In 2015, she joined Harry Sweet, Katalin Pazmandi, and Jim Luckner to form the Pop Up Gypsy Band. Since then, the band has grown and developed. She is excited to be part of this unique and fun group.