From the mail

We've been a bit scarce in public lately, hard at work tightening up the set. If you haven't heard us lately, we have added a new member, Meghan Quinn on accordion.

This month we will be playing at 3:00 at a Bernie Sanders Poster party in Clintondale. .Check the facebook page, for all the details.

And we well be back at Goman Kudasai Noodle shop, Rite Aid Plaza, New Paltz. Sat Feb 28th at 7:00. Be sure to listen to Youku's Japanese radio show on WVKR mondays at 3 if you can. She is a real local cultural and culinary treasure.
About Our Music

Electronic remixing has recently become popular with young musicians. This is nothing but a 21st century version of something that all musicans do, even birds and whales.

In East Europe and beyond, the musical cultures of the Jews, Gypsies, Romanians, Hungarians, Ukrainian, Russians, Turks, and all the rest interacted with each other. In America, the musics of Native Americans, slaves, Irish and all the rest gave us Old Time and Bluegrass. Black blues musicians had a huge influence on the early rockers. And on it goes. Now Hip-Hop intersects with almost everything. Even Klezmer.

We are not trying to recreate an old sound. But starting from that point, build our own sound. We are happy that you enjoy it. We certainly do.
Musician/Group of the Month

Germon Goldenshtyn was a wonderful clarinettist who grew up under the Soviet system and played in that part of the world for many years, all the time collecting tunes. Which he brought with him when he emegrated. I had the honour several years ago of eating at his table at a Klezmer event in Canada. Sadly, his English was as poor as my Yiddish. But his music transcends the limitations of language.
Related Youtubes

Germon tunes in Poland. The woman playing violin is the great! Deborah Strauss, one of Becky and my teachers.

Big Peter and Little Peter. This is based on a Norwegian foltale about two brothers. I am playing the theme on fiddle and banjo. Which is a Goldensytyn tune.

Please recommend us to your friends. We are available for parties, weddings, educational functions, and all sorts of events.