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Madárka (Hungarian word for "Little Bird") started out as "Pop-up Gypsy Band" at a New Paltz art exhibit.

The founding members, Katalin Pazmandi and Harry Sweet, had previously played in another band, Szélrózsa. Katalin, a native of Hungary, is a powerful singer in many languages and Harry is a Yiddish speaker. Together, they bring a wealth of musical and historical knowledge of Hungarian, Roma, and Jewish traditional music. Accordion, saxophone, clarinet, recorder, fiddles, guitar, mandolin, bass, and percussion fill out the sound.

Madárka is solidly rooted in, but not bound by tradition. Jim Luckner has a jazz background. Becky Perlman and Meghan Quinn were classically trained. Harry has spent many years playing old-time fiddle.. Fre Atlast has a strong background in Afro-Brazilian drumming. Don't be surprised if you hear some of those sounds mixed in.

They perform in various groupings, sometimes as large as 7 pieces, and sometimes as small as a duo or trio. They are located in New York's Hudson Valley, centered around Rosendale, NY

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Mugar, Mugarel
Happy Nign
Naj Man Sela

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