The Gardner Brewery and part of Music on Market in Ellenville were our first ice breaking gigs. Other fun times were at the Peekskill Museum, the intersection of Klezmer, Alice in Wonderland and a Victorian Tea Party.

Then on to competing in the "who is the hottest band completions (Celsius) in mid afternoon on the hottest day of the summer. The Rosendale Street Festival was, as usual awesome. And not only were there no medical emergencies, but folks were dancing in the sun!.. (Check out the Bubamara video on this page)

In other news, our accordion player, Meghan has been sidetracked (in good ways) by life, full time work and a first baby! We are sad she can't always play with us, but so happy to see her life expand in professional and personal directions. She will be with us for the Newburgh gig and you can see her on the videos from Rosendale.

Dushka is about to become a mother in law in Italy.

Karl has had shoulder issues and has switched to guitar. Check out our new videos to see how well that works!

Hope to see y'all soon.