Submitted by harry on Tue, 02/14/2017 - 14:18

One of the things I love about songs in languages I really don't understand, it that I am free to imagine the meaning. Spiritual, a love song, something inappropriate, political?

On the other hand, they do all have meaning in their original language. So, with that in mind I am going to share a few rough translations of some of our songs.

I'll start with the political. It seems appropriate in these times.

The first, "Little Bud/Mugar Mugurel" is, as far as I know, originally a Hungarian song that travelled over to Romania, and was also picked up by various Klezmer groups. We learned it from several sources. Our current version is derived from a Romanian Gypsy group,

Sprout, sprout, you little sprout
Sprout, you little sprout,
Just grow a little bit,

Because we're tired of winter,
Sprout, you little sprout,
And of the malice from inside our country,

God, punish the bootlickers,
Sprout, you little sprout,
Like they punish us,

Next, Foyer Verde, Green Leaves. This song started life as a Romanian Communist Poem. Mostly in Yiddish..

Green Leaves, Green Leaves
In every country
The spider spins it's web
of poison and hate,
The rich live fat while
the poor worker
lays a mile down in hell