Madárka (“little bird” in Hungarian) plays the traditional music you would have heard in the villages of Eastern Europe many years ago, slightly updated.

Drawing from the rich history of Klezmer, Roma, Balkan, Romanian and Russian folk music, we take listeners on a lively journey across borders and centuries. Our repertoire is flexible and diverse, encompassing high energy music perfect for circle dancing, Yiddish love ballads, Rom murder ballads, Romanian worker’s songs mixed with Appalachian fiddle, standards and bizarre old tunes you are unlikely to hear anywhere else.

The band features our primary vocalist Dushka Ramic who was raised in the former Yugoslavia and comes to us with a deep love of traditional music. Our instrumentation can include fiddle, mandolin, accordion, sax, cello, clarinet, keyboard, guitar, and percussion.

We can also sometimes perform as a smaller unit.

Madarka is a unique band experience. I was moved to hear 5 talented musicians working at preserving living history - transporting the audience to far corners of the earth with their unique repertoire. The chords are engaging with a nostalgic flair for challenging dissonance that speaks of longing, toiling of overlooked peoples’ and their lives long gone but so much like ours today in their humanity and so alive in the band’s music.

But Madarka also shares in the joys of these foreign lands blending effortlessly cultures of different backgrounds highlighting their common humanity. Every song a different beat it is hard to not move and stay in your seat. Surely this is dancing music! You are transported to foreign lands and forgotten times and the hours fly by. Kletzmer, Balkan, Gypsy all the way to Russian tunes whirl in your head and heart as you leave a most entertaining evening.
I will make sure not miss any future concerts of this wonderful group.

Moni A

Band Bio

We have performed at numerous venues, festivals and other events in the Hudson Valley and occasionally beyond.
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