Dushka Ramic

was born in former Yugoslavia and migrated to US in 1991, just before the war in Bosnia broke out.


She got her education, including musical in Bosnia and Croatia, but her love for traditional and Gypsy music was always there since she was a little girl.

Dushka is an entrepreneur, a pianist, singer, song writer, actress, mother of three, world traveller and her real passion is music.


Karl Raake

is a graduate of the Berkeley School of Music. Karl is a creative musician with diverse interests and has played in many groups. He brings great technique, spirit and wonderful improv chops to the band.


Meghan Quinn

Meghan started music in the Suzuki method and studied classical piano for many years. The first albums she remembers being completely obsessed with in childhood were David Bowie's Changesbowie, Roy Orbison's Mystery Girl, JPP's Devil's Polska and yes... the Lion King soundtrack.


Jim Luckner

Jim started life raised by wolfs in the wilds of the Schwangunk Ridge, frequenting such disreputable hovels as the infamous * Smitty's, hidden deep in the mountains, as well as various other seedy joints in Rosendale, the town where the 60's are still happening, Where he honed his taste in everything eclectic, while finding time to marry and maintain a professional career as a structural engineer. He took up the sax as a way to channel the wolf sounds he grew up listening to.

Which is perfect for the Eastern European Music we play,.


Harry Sweet

has been playing fiddle of one sort or another for more than 40 years. He grew up in the South Bronx listening to Afro-Puerto Rican drumming in Crotona park and Mo-town on AM radio. While residing in South Carolina, he has played at the Picolo Spoletto festival in Charleston, S.C. with the Hats Off String Band as well as losing a fiddle contest to a guitar player, probably due to the judges being too drunk to tell the difference, as was almost everybody else at that venue.